Siphiwe Moyo – Motivational Speaker, Facilitator Extraordinaire and MC.

Why you should book Siphiwe Moyo as an MC at your next event.


Booking an MC for your next corporate event is not an easy decision because everyone knows that an MC can either make or break an event. Imagine the following scenario:

You are organizing an Awards evening for a big organization, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and you want to book an MC and you want the following from an MC:

1.       Someone who understands numbers a bit because you will be awarding categories such as the division that has displayed efficiencies, as measured by the lowest cost to income ratio etc.

2.       Someone who is as comfortable with the Board and Exco as he is with junior staff members who are using three (3) taxis to come to the event.

3.       Someone who is extremely funny but who can still be prudent in managing time.

People tell you that this is too much to ask but you somehow believe that there is someone out of there who can meet the criteria and as you brainstorm with your team; you come up with the following options:

1.       Financial Journalist: A financial journalist would definitely understand the numbers and would not have a problem talking about things such as “quantitative easing” or “market capitalization”. You might have two potential problems though: Will he be able to connect with the junior staff? Is he not going to be boring? You wonder but you are not sure.

2.       Celebrity DJ: You think maybe I should get a celebrity DJ and you are right, the DJ would probably be very popular with the junior staff members but here is one problem – she speaks slang most of her life and might not be “believable” when she speaks the “corporate speak”. You know corporates have jargon right? I’m sure you do.

3.       Comedian: If you hire a professional comedian, people will have a lot of fun but you wonder; is there something called too much fun at a corporate event? Of course there is, some comedians do forget that your event is not a comedy show and therefore might make a lot of jokes and there’s always that risk that the event will loose the “dignity” it deserves as an awards function.

You are about to throw your hands in the air and give up; you think to yourself “I will never be able to find someone who is extremely funny, who was in Senior Management in Corporate SA, who is relatively popular with Junior staff members and who is very comfortable with numbers”. A friend calls you and tells you that you are not asking for the impossible; there is a guy called Siphiwe Moyo who meets your criteria and she explains to you why:

1.       Understanding the numbers: Siphiwe has an MBA and is a Certified International Retail Banker from the International Academy of Retail Banking. You tick this box and can’t wait to read more.

2.       Comfortable with Board and Exco: He is in fact Chairman of the Board at the South African Board for People for People Practices, a very big organization.

3.       Comfortable with Junior Staff: Siphiwe stayed in an informal settlement of Orange Farm for many years and therefore can relate very well with some of the junior staff members who might still be there.

4.       Extremely Funny: Every time Siphiwe MCs an event someone is bound to ask “are you sure you are not a comedian?” This guy is extremely funny but because he was in Corporate for 12 years before becoming a fulltime Speaker and MC, he understands the boundaries and does not go overboard.

You are struggling to believe this, you tell yourself “surely this is too good to be true” but it is not – try him you will never be disappointed; you will realize that the synonym for the term “value for money” is Siphiwe Moyo. Contact him on the details below:

Contact details:

Cell: 084 523 4029