From the author of  #StagnationMustFall comes a comprehensive guide to constructing antifragile careers.


There are roof leaks that can only be revealed by a stormy, rainy season. These leaks are not created by the rain but they are revealed when it rains. When the sun is shining, when skies are clear, you think everything is perfect until you are hit by hail, rain and wind and you realise that the roof is leaking. This is so true about our careers right now. We were fine. We didn’t think that our careers were vulnerable. We thought they were robust. Or even antifragile. But we were exposed.


Building a resilient career enables you to anticipate and prepare for challenges before they even occur. But no one saw the pandemic coming. COVID-19  exposed how vulnerable most of our careers actually are. It’s not really our fault but now we have to think deeply about how we construct our careers. There’s an IsiZulu proverb that says “Ukubona kanye ukubona kabili”. In the figurative sense, it can loosely be translated as: an unpleasant thing that befalls you should serve as an alert to you to avoid the same thing happening to you again in the future. This is what this book is about. It is meant to help us close the immediate roof leaks exposed by COVID-19 on our careers. And, more importantly, help us construct resilient (even antifragile) careers beyond the crisis.


With his usual mix of sound scholarship, practical HR experience, humour and storytelling, Moyo presents 50 career strategies to survive and thrive during COVID-19 and beyond. 

It launched on October 6th and is available at Exclusive Books nationwide.