Siphiwe Moyo

International Keynote Speaker, Facilitator & Author – Organisational Behaviourist 

Siphiwe is well-versed in both the conventional in-person presentations as well as on online/remote presentations.


Siphiwe Moyo will customize a talk according to your needs.


Siphiwe facilitates a number of interventions aimed at increasing levels of trust and engagement in an organisation.



Workplace Culture

Career Development

Organisational Change

Happiness & Well-Being


“What an honour to have such a great speaker”

Alexis Thean

Operations Executive, Salvo Global, Singapore

“Mr Moyo’s presentation was inspiring, motivating and uplifting for all levels of conference delegates.”

Margretmary Mushango

President, Institute of Internal Auditors Botswana

“Siphiwe was indeed a moment that mattered at the PEP Africa Leadership Conference 2019. Thanks Siphiwe”

Stefan Voges

CEO, PEP Africa

“Mr. Moyo was an engaging and energetic speaker who mixed personal narrative, comedy and business insights into his message. To his credit, Mr. Moyo tailored his presentation to his African audience with perspectives that were authentic and relevant. The crowd loved his humour and spoke highly of his ability to speak as “one of us”. With his ability to mix African perspectives with universal business trends, Mr. Moyo is a strong option for EMEA events.”

Gary Van Prooyen

Vice President, Marketing and Communications, ISACA (Chicago, US.A)

“Siphiwe’s personality is really incredible – he literally made this event great”

Martin Simpkins

Managing Director, Forward Networking, Netherlands